Monday, May 26, 2008

Texas Style Q

This morning, the B-52s played on the Today show, much to Dori's and my approval. While we were rocking out, slamming caffeine and acting like we were 22 again, our daughter stared in mild disbelief. I'm sure she thought, "Are these really my parents?" We did get a thumbs down on the music, like most of our 70s and 80s tunes.

I recall going to see the B-52s with two Florida girls, Ashley and Lynn, my freshman year. We were on the first level when I looked up and noticed the balcony was noticeably moving up and down from all the stomping and shaking above us. Organizers actually stopped the concert. Yes, the B-52s almost brought the house down.

Yesterday, Will's second grade class gathered at a friend's house, totaling about 25 families. The kids hammered soda and played in one of those colorful bouncy tents, while the adults drank adult beverages. Wendy M. made some awesome sides (corn and black bean salad, feta slaw and potato salad) to go with the BBQ I prepared Saturday and Sunday morning - Texas style brisket, Memphis-style sausage and marinated chicken thighs and drummies (above). It was nice to receive compliments on the brisket from three Texans, who are as choosy about their Q as we Tennesseans. Many took home leftovers, a sign they weren't just sharing nice words. Stomachs don't lie. Dori and I enjoyed the sausage, and most of all, great company ... lots of wonderful families.

Running has been going fine. Will joined me for 2.2 miles Sunday, and I ran four miles midday today in 82 degree weather before some thunderstorms arrived. Running long distances in the summer is much harder than during other seasons. I did sleep 10 1/2 hours last night, so my motor was ready to go ... pace was sub-9:00/mile, probably 8:40. I've started to mix in mild weight-lifting and sit-ups with the running. I'll need to do speed work soon, as well.

On Thursday, I have another TNT organizational meeting. Training for San Francisco and fundraising for LLS begins soon. Our coach, Stephanie, called me today ... It looks like we have a group of 20 runners with two guys (If you are single, in your 20s and looking to meet girls, I think I have a suggestion). I am looking forward to meeting the members of this new group and hearing their stories linking them to this terrible disease. Even though we haven't met, the bond is already there.

Sister Anne has ended a prolonged food blogging drought with an excellent entry on how to enjoy corn in the summer. Trust me when I say the girl knows her kernels. She also told me about her sister-in-law's two blogs promoting healthy eating for kids and families. Lord knows, the world needs more of that.


blackdog said...

dori and family
i just read your post on my friend's blog (bj green)
Thank you so much for posting!!!! It means alot to all of us!!! I pray that you continue to have great health and that one day this disease will be no more!!
matt wachter
war eagle!!

Anonymous said...

Jim, my brother attended that same B-52's concert years ago and recalled the same balcony shaking event.

See you on the roads soon. Keep running.

Chuck Hargrove