Monday, May 12, 2008

Running in the Family

Today after school, Dori and the kids went for a 1.25 mile run. They ran a decent pace, I'm told, faster than the one the kids and I ran yesterday on a 1.5 miler. Six months ago, Dori wasn't going to run anywhere except to the nearest toilet. Progress comes with time.

Mother's Day was wonderful - church, VU baseball and dinner at our friend Phila's secluded bed and breakfast, Spring Creek, in Joelton. Phila, a caterer, author, noted speaker and B&B owner, is an energetic woman who is 82 years young. I've known her as long as I've know Dori - since I was a salesman with Robert Orr Sysco in 1993-94. To say she's still going strong is an understatement. Kathryn even remarked "how energetic she is." Phila sets the pace.

I love that our children are having experiences like these. I love even more that Dori is enjoying them with us.

Tomorrow morning looks like 47 and clear. I think I'll go for a run.

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