Thursday, May 15, 2008

NMDP Deadline Nearing

The National Marrow Donor Program's (NMDP) "Thanks Mom" awareness and donor recruitment campaign only has a few days left.

You can join free during this campaign by clicking here.

It costs the NMDP $52 to add a donor to the Registry. Your tax-deductible gift extends funding so more donors can join - especially those who cannot afford to cover the cost to join.

Deadline is May 19. Save a life, y'all, just like Hans did. Get on the Registry! If you're already on it, tell a friend between the ages of 18-60.


lcreekmo said...

Thanks for sharing this, Jim. I can't remember now, but there was some donor criteria I didn't meet for the donor registry....I love that I can still help!!!

P.S. I was pleased to learn my cousin is running in a marathon this fall [San Fran??] via Team in Training.

ecoscience914 said...

Thanks Jim...I will try to register today and read all the info over....Have a great weekend and hope everyone is doing good. Love, Laura

Jim said...

Laura S,

Many thanks! Dori smiled when I told her.

Laura C,

Thanks for the note ... maybe your cousin will be in my training group?