Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Morning Companions

The NMDP has a creative donor and fundraising drive going on ... They're calling it a Mother's Day Donor Garden. Check it out. Nice work by that group. Check out PJ's great take why this is so important.

I did run six miles this morning. It was clear and 50, perfect for an easy run. It was also dark, as I started the run at 4:30. Some guy passed me doing 60 MPH in a 30 zone, but I soon had my faith restored in our universe when a deer trotted slowly across my path and several others waited for me to pass. Very cool. Minutes later, two dogs made their charge; I think I yelled loud enough to wake up an entire neighborhood. I scared the you-know-what out of those two.

My left knee is a little irritated. Running isn't painful, but the knee is a little tender on the outside left of the kneecap. It seems to flare when I run downhill and is better on ascents. Something to watch. I've been very blessed not to have injuries since last summer's calf muscle debacle. You almost take being injury-free for granted, but not as much as you grow wiser and more experienced; we middle-aged folk know better.

I didn't eat so well the week after the half marathon (you see, Summer, we all splurge!). Yesterday, I started getting back in the good routine (oatmeal-whole grains-fruit-salad-pasta). When runners stop training, we have to be extra careful not to put the tire back around the waist. Not sexy, as Serge said in Beverly Hills Cop.

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Summer said...

Well, getting back into the good routine (fitness and food wise) is what it's all about. :-)