Sunday, May 18, 2008

Some Achievements

Sister Anne, Girl with the Magic Paint Brush, was honored this weekend with a Best in Show painting among entries from 100 artists. I sense a marketing campaign. Way to to go, Annie.

Will's baseball team started their playoffs, winning their first two games, 12-8 and 15-2. He went six-for-six with one big knock over the shortstop's head; he also made some good fielding plays. Dan's recovery from hip replacement surgery hasn't been easy, but he's making progress. He's made it to a few of Will's games with my Mom.

Kathryn asked if she could join Pepper and me this morning for a run at Radnor. She hung tough, finishing 2.2 miles. Our pace was a modest 10:30/mile. After we returned home, I headed out for another four miles, running some 9:20s and finishing with an 8:45 final mile. Total mileage this week - 16. I needed every one of them considering what I've eaten of late. Let's just say I made a pass at some Krystal's, donuts, pizza, nachos and beer. Not all at once, but it sorta feels like it today. The bad boy diet will be ending in a few weeks when training for San Francisco commences.

Dori fought off a sore throat this weekend. It's a little unnerving when she gets a little something. Her temp was 99 on one reading, but she says she feels better this afternoon. Dori isn't really strong enough on a consistent basis to work a full schedule. Some days are good, some days aren't. She's been sleepy the last few days, fighting off this bug. Her appetite seems much better ... she pounded some hash browns and bacon two mornings in a row.

I spent some of yesterday clearing brush and working around the house. Dori planted flowers a few weeks ago that look very nice. Last June, Dori entered the floor at 11 North where she was greeted by a sign that said "No flowers." Maybe that's one reason she planted some at every turn around our house and in pots on our deck.

It would be nice to catch a break this summer and have a peaceful few months. We have a full schedule - camps, a beach trip and other festivities. Anything semi-normal will be better than last summer.

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