Monday, July 14, 2008

Canadian Air Mass

I love when this happens - High pressure and colder air from Canada pushes through Tennessee. It's like someone flushes our toilet of stifling air. It doesn't happen much 'round these parts between July and August. When it does, like Sunday, there's only one thing to do ... RUN!

I planned to run seven miles this morning. A few others had the same idea. I saw a young woman running with her dog soon after I started. Her energetic "hi" told me she was as happy as I about the weather - 61 degrees and a 59 degree dewpoint. Even before 5:45 a.m., when I finished, I had seen five or six walkers and a few bikers. One young woman told me she had planned to run this morning, but hit the alarm clock at 5 a.m. I actually felt sorry for her!

My "out" 3.5 miles was slower (9:48/mile). I had some soreness from Saturday's run, but nothing major. The "in" 3.5 miles was faster (9:20/mile), even with a good hill from Mile 6 to 6.5. My HR was low, probably never passing the high 150s on the hills.

Time: 1:07:00. Pace: 9:34/mile. Calories burned: 1158. It was a great way to start this week's training. Tomorrow's weather looks similar; guess who's going to bed early.

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