Monday, July 28, 2008

More Tennis

Yesterday, Dori insisted on more tennis. The sun was still up around 4:30 and I urged Dori to wait for the sun to drop more, but I couldn't keep the girl off the court.

We played in heat (low 90s), but a slight breeze helped. Dori didn't last 90 minutes this time. She was fatigued after 45. It was much warmer yesterday than the day we played a few weeks ago. That said, there's no way she could have played tennis like this even earlier this summer. Her strength isn't all the way back, but I bet her red blood cell count finally crosses into the normal range this Thursday at her next monthly check-up.

I blew off my Monday morning run. Feeling sore and slightly exhausted, I stayed in bed until 6:30 (very late for me). I was in bed 10 hours last night after a two hour nap Sunday afternoon. My body simply needs more time to recover when running in this heat.

After work, I donned my running gear and headed out the door into the heat. It was 87 degrees with a 73 degree dewpoint. Thick stuff, but not as thick as this. Can you imagine how those marathoners in China are going to feel in a few weeks?

I was determined to run a quick 3.5 miler, even in tough conditions. The course I picked had some hills, but nothing like Saturday's run. My pace at 2.75 miles was 8:49/mile. I was gasping for air with a dry, scratchy throat. For 20 seconds, I walked and swigged warm water that was cold 20 minutes before, then started up again, getting back into a decent rhythm after ascending the last hill. I finished 3.5 miles in 31:23, an 8:58 pace. Not bad in the slop.

Congratulations to Cousin Laura, who ran a 1:56:25 in the Nike NYC Half Marathon yesterday, placing 3634 among about 17,000 runners and 1108 among the ladies. Very impressive!


Ann said...

Jim, Dori,

You guys are absolutely amazing!

Jim said...

WE have inspiration all around us, Ann. You are part of that, for sure.