Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rest Period Is Over

My energy level has been low this week. I ran 5.9 miles Monday morning before dawn. At Mile Two, I felt like stopping, but plowed through. Final pace: 9:43/mile pace after running the first two miles in more than 20 minutes. My tank neared "E" at the end.

Monday and Tuesday were rest days, and not by choice. I believe I fought off the dreaded summer cold. My voice was high-pitched and weaker, especially yesterday, just in time for two speeches to a total of 120 people. Glad I had a mike at one.

The kids did some sit-ups with me tonight. Besides the Monday run, that's all I've done (300 sit-ups and some arm work with the weights) since Saturday. Tomorrow morning, the plan is to get back at it for a mid-distance run with a friend.

Today, Jim, a college friend, and I talked about dealing with cancer and living once remission has been achieved. Jim and his wife, Beth, are both cancer survivors. Our perspectives have changed, which is no surprise; we laughed at what used to bother us and shared a lot of laughs.

My favorite was a prayer someone said with Jim after Beth cleared most of her hurdles and then Jim was diagnosed. The friend began, "Dear Lord ... Now, c'mon!" Very funny.

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