Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Downright Gross

That's what these running conditions are. You can sugarcoat it, but this is the time of year in Tennessee that running should only be undertaken by people who are in good shape. Starting now could be fatal for some.

This morning's 4.6-mile run felt like a nine miler. I finished more than half an hour ago, took a cold shower, dried off and I'm still dripping wet. Conditions: 74 degrees, 91% humidity, 71 degree dewpoint and no wind. Bleh. I can't imagine what these football players are going through right now. Even if you're in great shape, it has to be taxing.

Finat time: 45:28. Pace: 9:52/mile. Weekly mileage thus far: 8.1 miles. Total training mileage since early June: 177 (That'll get me from Nashville to Knoxville).

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Laura Creekmore said...

Man, do I hear you. I went for a short walk/jog this a.m. and it was like breathing water. Hot water. Blech.