Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Night Flashbacks

Dori and I had a great time last night watching Sheryl Crow in concert. She's quite the performer and there was plenty of tissue paper in the bathroom. Thank you, Beth, for the tickets!

Good luck to cousin Laura in her half marathon in NYC this Sunday. She could be distracted easily ... Lance Armstrong and Katie Holmes are supposedly running.

It's time for Friday Night Flashbacks. Here's a Dori favorite, When In Rome's The Promise. I like it, too, even though there are Milli Vanilli-like qualities.

Here's a fun one from The Talking Heads. Gotta love David Byrne trapped inside his own body. "And you may find yourself behind a large automobile." How prophetic ... Anyhoo, midlife crisis experts, enjoy.

Now it's time to count the number of Nazis who get messed up. What do you think Spielberg dreamt about when he was boy? Filming retribution.

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