Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shortened Run

Dori and the kids just got back from a two-miler. All three ran very well, despite the conditions. All three are getting noticeably stronger.

My run was more interesting. The Team In Training marthoners (and I, the tag-along half marathoner) headed in to Percy Warner Park and its impressive hills. I ran with the front group, dropping slightly on the hills and catching them on the downhills. The conditions were very difficult - dewpoint 72 degrees, humidity 90% and a 76 degree temperature that felt like low 80s.

Margie, Mark and I made the 5.8-mile checkpoint at exactly a 10:00/mile pace. That sounds slow, but in the slop it wasn't. I was wet from head to toe, with squishy feet. As we headed out to the flatter part of the course for the next six miles, I recalled last year's calf injury in identical conditions. As minor leg stress ensued, I thought, "I'm well ahead on my training for October and don't want a repeat of last August." So I peeled off and ran some back roads, finishing eight miles in 1:19:17, or a 9:54/mile pace.

Dori asked how I felt about the run, and I said, "Fine, I wasn't going to get injured." I don't mind suffering on runs, but despite good efforts to stay hydrated and fueled, my body sometimes has a rebellion after 10 miles on days like today. I will run 12 miles fine when the conditions aren't extreme. This week's total distance was 21 miles, which is a good base with more than two-and-a-half months of training left.

I'm tempted to grumble about today's mortgage bailout, but I better stay on blog message. So I came home to the house this morning with Dori at the computer. She was emotional as she talked about the passing of Dr. Randy Pausch.

What an approach. His purpose has been fulfilled.

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Donna Clements said...

When autumn arrives... you're going to fly! Have fun! Glad your picking up so many miles in these humid days.
I was sad too about Randy Pausch. What an amazing human being -
Take care,