Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Just a quick update from RunningLand ... I woke up early today to run a moderate distance. It was a glorious morning - 64 degrees and low humidity and dewpoint.

Bones creakin' and muscles screamin', I headed down our street. Mile One was above a 10:00/mile pace. Aerobics were fine, but everything below my waist was sore. Nothing stood out; it was ALL sore. I stretched after Monday's good run and before this morning's, but I needed oil like the Tin Man. Mile Two went a little better, but pace was about the same.

I decided to pick it up, now that oxygen seemed to be circulating. The mind said "go" and the body said, "ok," but not like Monday. I did notice when I hit some hills - Monday and this morning - that climbs are getting easier. I'm able to hold my pace better. Today's totals: 5.5 miles in 53:38, a 9:45/mile pace. Mileage for the week: 16.5.

I haven't entered the Firecracker 5K in Brentwood yet, but probably will. I'll need a goal and new iPod set.

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