Saturday, December 6, 2008

7 at 7

It was cold at 7 this morning. 25 degrees, but no wind. I left the house in four layers, knowing I wouldn't be peeling any today. I was excited about my third run this week, expecting it to be every bit as enjoyable as my four-miler with Pepper a few nights ago.

At mile one, I saw a gaggle of runners and walkers, recognizing some fellow Team in Training mates. Around mile two, I realized I needed a restroom. Fellow runners, you know the feeling. I knew there was a mini-mart at 3.5, for which I was very thankful when I arrived.

Business taken care of, I returned to the road. I named the first part of the run, Revenge of the Frozen Pizza, and got back into a running rhythm. At mile six, I saw the TNT-ers socializing and decided to stop and say hello. I saw Mark, Stephne, Sammie, Joelle and Melissa. It was good to catch up.

I finished the seven-mile run feeling good about it. I hadn't run an intermediate distance over six miles since before the Nike.

My sister's art showing Thursday evening went extremely well, despite the tough economy. Maybe 200-plus people showed, and Anne's paintings looked spectacular as always. A good bit of the proceeds will be going to the Hematology Helping Hands Clinic at VUMC. Dr. Jagasia, Dori's outpatient doctor, stopped by and told me about a blood cancer patient who has been through 18 tough months with another tough year ahead. The man just had to sell his house to cover his debts.

Dori and our family went through much last year, but we have insurance so the blow has been cushioned. Our healthcare system is both wonderful (great care, breakthroughs every day) and demeaning (pre-existing conditions). We're responsible as Americans for a good deal of the problem because many live unhealthily. That won't change until more people learn personal responsibility or get active.

That said, I don't know anyone that doesn't think now is the time for some sensible healthcare reform.

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