Saturday, December 20, 2008


As we prepare for Christmas, real battles against blood cancers continue.

This week, I have followed the ups and downs of Ann Gregory's battle. Her week ends on a high note after yet another scare. Sigourney Cheek sent an email update about the return of a lump in her neck (from Richter's Syndrome) and the dumbfoundingly subpar care from a doctor at Sloane Kettering in NYC and her choice to be treated exclusively at Vanderbilt. Dori updated me yesterday about courageous Christian, the young man in Tennessee whose blood cancer is rare and so aggressive that it could come back in a week. Ronni's blood counts are low and she's understandably anxious and frustrated.

I've debated recently whether to shut down this blog. More of my posts now are about everyday life instead of leukemia or training for a race to help fund research. But I still think about cancer every day, or someone affected by it. I'm in a different place with this blog for sure. Dori continues to deal with the after-effects of her battle. You don't leave battles without scars, emotional and physical. I don't know one person who has survived cancer that doesn't have marks.

I've thought about starting another blog that covers all things that matter to me that aren't related to cancer, just like PJ did. But I don't have the time for another endeavor right now, at least without impacting another facet of my life. I recognize my scar is the turmoil that has been inflicted on my family and others I love or deeply respect, even while my anxiety for my family is much lower than a year ago.

Still, Run for Dori has a place in my life for influencing and connecting people and for healthy reflection - my own and others'. The show must go on.


PJ said...

Bravo, Jim. Glad to keep you on my list.

Ann said...

I would sorely miss being able to check in if you retired.

ChuckEastNashville said...

Jim, you decide what is best for you and this blog. I enjoy the updates. In a world filled with bad news and skepticism, your blog runs contrary to those trends.