Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mustering Some Mustard

Dori has had a fever the last two days, not like Peggy Lee's. The good news: Hans and his stellar immune system seem to be in complete control. Dori was down for about a day with a 102 temperature and other symptoms, but seems to be getting back to normal.

Candid alert ... This week was a royal pain in the donkey's behind. Work went well, but seems like everyone I know is facing a significant challenge. Seems like, because not everyone is. Sometimes I feel like crawling in someone's skin and taking on the issue at hand. Before taking that thought seriously, I quickly realize I better get back to my own issues and just play cheerleader or tough love dad, depending on the situation.

One of this week's downers was that I didn't run once until today. I did spend an aforementioned 30 minutes on the hotel bike, but Friday morning's run was iced out. In between Will's and Kathryn's basketball games today, I decided to run seven miles, which seemed like a good idea at the time. Unfortunately, I started out way too fast, running the first 3.5 in 31 minutes. Normally, that pace is fine, but my mileage has been slipping of late and I've been Happy Fun Boy at too many meals the last week. I made six, walked a spell, and finished unimpressively.

Will's team's game this morning was exciting. We lost by three, but the kids played so much better this week than last, when we lost by 19. Last week, the kids rambo'd and failed to find their sets. This week, they played more cohesively and great on defense. We have a ways to go on offense, but I'm happy as their coach with the improvement. Kathryn's team also lost by three, but she and her buddies hustled. She was sassy in the car afterwards, talking about all the no-call fouls the other team committed. Yes, the refs weren't good, but your team lost fair and square, I told her.

So why's the mustard up top? I've already mentioned why, actually. I'm praying some of my peeps sink into some vinegar and address their challenges. I also like strong mustard and it's my blog! Have a great week everyone.

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