Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hotel Fitness

I've been on the road workin' for a livin'. One thing that seems to be a recurring theme in the hotels is the fitness center issue.

Whenever I'm in a part of town where running just doesn't seem smart (traffic or some other reason), I hit the hotel fitness center for a short run. Problem is, the treadmills are often broken or the belt is off, which can cause back issues. So the only option often is a bike. I'm looking forward to a run in my neighborhood tomorrow.

Work is great, but stresses elsewhere are on my mind constantly. Yes, I recall being in a different place last year with Dori's illness. I haven't forgotten, trust me. I'm dealing these days with issues that are mostly out of my control. It's amazing how other people's problems or behavior can dominate your life. Hopefully, some of these things will reverse soon.

And maybe someone will fix all these broken treadmill belts in the hotels. Lord knows there are folks out there who could use the business.

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