Tuesday, December 2, 2008


For the first time since spring 2007, all of Dori's blood counts are normal. Dori called me this morning from VUMC with the news that her "nemesis," platelets, are 150. WBC hit 7.2, while RBC hit 39, I believe. She weighs 125, and I couldn't be happier to announce my girl's weight in the blogosphere, though I might get a cussin' later. She was tiny and frail not long ago.

I'm not surprised about the platelets. Most of Dori's bruises are gone or fading. She still has a semi-whopper from the infamous shower fall more than a year ago. I'll never forget Nurse Blanche telling me as I arrived at VUMC that morning, "Now everything is going to be alright, but Dori fell in the shower this morning."

Lemme go Paul Harvey on everyone now and tell you the rest of the story. On that morning at 6 a.m., an exhausted, weakened Dori passed out and slammed to the floor of her shower, remained unconscious for an unknown period of time, woke up disoriented, and then crawled back into bed and decided not to tell anyone. Her entire right side was bruised and she had other bruises elsewhere. I was so alarmed I rounded up a group of friends and family to help post a 24/7 watch on Dori. I'm pretty sure today's good news, delivered by Dori, is part of the beautiful rainbow my Aunt Renee was talking about.

I tell you all of this, good friends, because every milestone is worth sharing. Every moment - even when difficult - is worth appreciating.


PJ said...

This is truly great news!

For the record, I weigh the same as Dori.

Ann said...

Such great news. I couldn't be happier for you both. Give your girl a hug and know you guys made my day.

Ronni Gordon said...

Glad to hear the great news.

By the way, I still have some bruises left over from April. They're fading, but still there.

Renee Brown said...

Dear Jim, Dori and Children,

This great news calls for a Double Rainbow!!



Jim said...

Beautiful, Renee. We're thinking about you. Jim