Thursday, December 11, 2008

News Worth Sharing

I've received two great e-mails today, one from leukemia survivor Lea Morrison, our favorite cancer tiger on the West Coast, and another from the folks at the Kanzius Foundation.

Lea is doing well and her donor has agreed to meet soon. She's one year post transplant and emerging into new territory. Way to go, Lea!

The Kanzius e-mail below and link to the news speaks for itself. I'm eager for even more good news, aren't you? Check out the two videos.

In the next few days and weeks we will be posting announcements and research publications that will share our excitement with all of you, our loyal friends and contributors.

We have two new videos posted today that give John's personal update, and in the near future there will be much more fantastic news. Check the website often.

And remember, money buys time. Consider an end-of- year, or holiday memorial gift now. Your gift today can change the world tomorrow. Spread the Wave!

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