Wednesday, August 26, 2009

'Alive, Grateful and Hopeful'

What a great update today from our West Coast friend, Lea. Despite some ongoing challenges, she remains as resolute and positive as any BMT survivor we're following here in Tennessee. I encourage all of you to read how grateful she is, despite discomfort and challenges.

I wanted to shift gears and talk about dieting. I've never liked the word. Despite my own modest weight issues even five years ago, I never "went on a diet." Family and friends who have embarked on diets almost always failed. This article made me revisit my view of them.

What made me change my lifestyle, rather than starve myself of needed nutrients or try to drop pounds in a hurry? It probably started during a routine physical at a previous employer in 2003. A follow-up letter said my BMI was 30 and the bad cholesterol was too high. One paragraph started with three simple words: "You are obese."

I didn't like this author! More importantly, I didn't like where I was headed. Something inside clicked, slowly but surely. I started running more. I started eating better. Less fat, good carbs, more fruits and veggies, less ground beef but still plenty of protein. I didn't cut out things I love - ice cream, cheese, and beer and wine. I just moderated intake.

Through today, I've run four- and seven-milers. Tomorrow morning, I'll tack on six more, then do a big run this weekend. Next week's weather is supposed to be fall-like. Seems like the shortest summer I've ever experienced.

Autumn and the marathon are almost here. I went ahead and did it ... I've mailed my entry form for the Cape Cod Marathon in late October. Maybe we'll get to meet PJ, Ronni and their loved ones.


Donna Clements said...

Woo-hoo!!! I am very excited for your marathon! I love it for many reasons - but 2 reasons are most apparent
1. I always say, "If you are going to the trouble to run 26 miles - pick a fun place to do it" I think Cape Cod is an excellent choice!!
2. The marathon sponsor is Dunkin Donuts... lots of free, yummy donuts at the finish line!!
Wishing you all the best!!!

Ronni Gordon said...

I'd love to try to meet you! It's about a three-hour drive, but maybe I could do a Cape Cod weekend with my daughter. Anyway, let's be in touch about it and if you have the time and we can figure it out, it sounds promising.

The marathon sounds so exciting. And the Cape (where we are now) is so beautiful.