Thursday, August 20, 2009

Measuring Stick

A cold front is on the way, good news for runners like me in training.

Through this morning, I've run 17 miles with a long run scheduled for Saturday. I'm going to try to link with some Team In Training friends, folks who are training for the Chicago Marathon in October.

This week's runs have gone well, including a five-miler on a hotel treadmill Tuesday afternoon - the first 2.5 at a fair clip and the last half at an 8:57/mile pace. The room was steamy, resulting in a complete soaking. My heart rate maxed at 158 BPM, a good workout.

This morning, Pepper and I ran three smooth miles. I'm really eager to see where things stand on Saturday.

Watching the World Track Championships in Berlin has been a nightly ritual. Our American runners have looked strong. Inspiration is everywhere.

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