Saturday, August 15, 2009

Change of Plans

Different day, different run. After a three-miler on Friday, I woke at 4:30 this morning to run the challenging 11.2 at Percy Warner Park. Arriving at 5:30, I didn't see anyone familiar. I knew folks in one group that planned to do hill repeats at 6 (not ready for those), so I headed out solo.

The first three miles in the park were hard. My body wasn't responsive, maybe because I didn't sleep great. We had a wonderful meal at a friend's house last night and I was plenty hydrated; I just couldn't get going. At the 3.3-mile junction (either you go 11.2 or 5.8), I turned left on the shorter course. I was completely soaked in the soupy air.

A funny thing happened at Mile 4. My body sprung to life. Back at the park entrance, I decided to add a few miles. I ran eight. I felt great. I could have added a few more, in fact, but decided to shut it down with the good vibe. I've logged two consecutive weeks of 24 miles. The base is built, but I'm taking a friend on the 11.2 next time.

Dori had a great first day at school. She likes her 23 kids. One thing she will use in class, hopefully infrequently, is "quiet coyote." Place your middle and fourth fingers together, then place against your thumb, and move your index and pinky straight up (makes the ears). That's the sign for quiet coyote. A loquacious Kathryn received a trial QC last night.

And now for some entertainment. Friday Night Flashbacks, 12 hours tardy. Put on your silly pants for the first two. Does your dog bite?

Good tune with some hip muppets.

Mighty fine Fleetwood Mac that will delight sister Anne.


Ronni Gordon said...

Hey Jim,

Do you have Lea's e-mail address?



Jim said...


leawedge at

Please send me your e-mail when you can. Hope all is well!