Monday, August 10, 2009

Back on the Bike

Last Friday, I capped a good week of training with a 7.5-mile run in 90 degrees. The last mile was what I thought it would be, but I had plenty of motivation to finish. Runs of three, six, three, 4.5 and 7.5 netted 24 miles my first week of training.

I rested Saturday and Sunday, riding bikes with the kids both days and playing golf yesterday with Will (he parred two of nine holes and birdied No. 8). The bike-riding was fun - it is great cross-training that I'll include more in my regimen.

Will, aka Little Knievel, crashed pretty bad Saturday night, scraping off almost all his elbow skin and his knee. It was pretty rough to watch. After I untangled him, he jumped up and blurted loudly, "Do I have to get soap? It stings!" A veteran of The Scooter Wars, he knew the drill. The yelling was far worse before application than during. The boy, however, showed moxie, hopping back on the bike before dinner last night. Short memories, toughness or both.

This morning, Pepper and I jogged three humid miles. The neighborhood bat, our usual friend at the half-mile mark, busily gobbled bugs near his favorite street light. Crickets warmed up, as if their conductor was preparing to enter. A giant cicada sat lazily on the street, lucky that Pepper and I saw him in time, lest he become one with the pavement.

That's how I like to start a week. With a clear mind.

Dori starts her teaching career today. In-service begins this morning, and she greets her students Friday. Like Will, she is back on her bike.


Ann said...

I bet Dori can't wait! Glad to hear that all is well.

Ronni Gordon said...

Love your description of the "creatures" that you see on your run. Tell Dori good luck. Glad she's "back on the bike."