Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer Running

Summer's end is near. Running in July and August, normally no fun, has been quite the opposite. As I ran last night in virtually no humidity, my thoughts focused on the anomaly. What's up? Where's the heat? Why am I running fast in mid-August?

I ran 6.5 last night, and they were bookin' miles. Not like speed work in the fall, but not far from it. I ran some 9:00s and 9:15s, passing walking couples and even a few young-uns. Maybe I was running at 85% or 90% ... but I never felt stressed. Just blessed that I was moving at a good clip in August!

This morning, the kids and I went for a bike ride in almost-cool weather. I've had some good cross-training this week - two bike rides, tennis and golf. I'm at 13 miles, thinking I'll do a short one tomorrow and then an 11-miler Saturday.

I've never seen Dori like this - so intense about her new job. Happy, too, but very intense. I'm wary she may be over-cooking it a bit and recommended she watch her battery level. She agreed, then pressed on. We'll see. Tomorrow is her first day with her kids in the classroom.

We are so proud of her. So proud.

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