Friday, August 7, 2009


Dori called me today after she learned a blood cancer patient she knows has been given three weeks to live. Earlier this summer, she went to lunch with this wonderful young woman and later met her husband. Dori is so impressed by them.

I asked Dori if she feels guilty, given that she's doing well and her comrade isn't. No, she said. She used to when she heard about these situations, but not today. Just deeply saddened.

I just asked questions and listened. I've been through this scenario a few times. It's hard on many levels, but I know Dori needs to talk. She's the water; I'm the sponge. Let it flow.

It's hard blogging about this. But I've thought about it several times the last few hours. It's on my mind, and I feel terrible about it.

I've decided to up my long run from tomorrow morning to tonight. I need to expend some bad energy.

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