Monday, August 3, 2009

Reasons to Run Early

It was 63 degrees when I headed out the door this morning. Yes, folks, it's early August. The coffee-infused weatherman with the Woodstock tie said it was the coldest July since 1964. It only reached 90 degrees four times in July.

After starting yesterday with a three-miler before church, I embarked on a six-miler in the cool, humid conditions. I questioned my scruples the first two miles. Sore from golf (yes, golf) with Will the afternoon before, I wondered what I was doing awake at 5:15, dodging an unusual number of cars. "Training for your marathon," my internal voice murmured, almost bothered a reminder was needed. Oh, yeah.

After the slow start, my body adjusted. I started enjoying the run. Hills, always challenging before dawn, were there for the taking. My pace quickened each mile. Sweat poured, a sign of steady work. I thought of the coming day's production and said prayers of thanks and need.

Running is so peaceful, sometimes spiritual, this early, once the edge is removed. With an enthusiastic brain, lucidity often ensues. The path to a great day is charted. It's one of my little discoveries.

Returning home, Dori asked if she could get some exercise in the neighborhood before I went to work. Sure, I said, adding, "Why don't you take Pepper?" Dori agreed, ensuring her walk would become something else. I watched the twosome exit the driveway quite briskly. Good dog. Take my girl for a run.

When Dori returned, her sweat was a giveaway. "That dog can pull," she said.

Tomorrow morning's weather will be warmer, but I'm game for a repeat. Will plans to join me.

Training is underway in a good way.


Ronni Gordon said...

I used to work at an afternoon newspaper. That meant getting to work around 7 a.m. or earlier so that paper could be "off the floor" by noon or so. I'd get up around 5 and do my run then. Like you, I found it hard to get started but great once I got going. Also it's easier to go in the morning even if it's early because then it's done and you don't have to plan how to fit it in later, or worse still, skip it all together because you're tired and it got late. On the other hand, we need our sleep...

Jim said...


An afternoon newspaper? Oh, the days!

I drag once in awhile later in the day, especially if my sleep pattern was choppy.

Will and I had a good run-bike ride this morning. Pepper, as always, led the charge. He's looking svelte.