Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beating the Rain

This morning, I woke at 4:15, ready to run. I looked at the radar, and it looked like a good rain dump was about to occur. Thirty minutes later, when the TV man said, "Most of this isn't hitting the ground yet," I ran to my room to get dressed faster than you can say "Frank Shorter."

Dori was awake already, too. I told her I was going out for about a four-miler. Today's run was the first time I scaled hills without much trouble. The lactic acid build-up is pretty much gone. I felt like my strength has returned and I could push the accelerator. It felt like how your car performs, after an oil change, new spark plugs and some Gumout.

As I pushed up one hill, I thought, "You know, the Tom King Half is Saturday ... You could conceivably run 13.1 ... ." Almost immediately, every voice I listen to popped up on the other shoulder, scolded me for listening to Pitch Fork Man, and encouraged me to finish the nice run I was enjoying. Poof, and that was that.

I will train on Saturday.


ChuckEastNashville said...

What? You are not running Tom King this weekend?

Anonymous said...


Glad to hear you and your family are finding your way through and out of the flu that's hit everyone so hard. It turned into pneumonia for me and I ended up with week-and-a-half trip to 11 North as a result.

So the Dyer camp is on the other side of the flu too and we're honkering down for a quite (probably cold, wet) weekend of protecting our new earned health.

Hang in there. Spring's definitely in the air and everything looks glorious.

Jim said...


No way on TK tomorrow. The flu knocked me down. Enjoy the rain tomorrow, and good luck. Been there done that!


Girl ... so glad you are out of 11 North. Cherish your family and weekend ... I know you will.