Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Return to Radnor

The great thing about Daylight Savings is after-work runs in daylight! After a long day today at the coal mine, I headed to Radnor Lake for the first time in several moons for a five-miler. It was a good call.

Bees scurried from flower to flower. Turtles chilled on logs. Birds swam with enthusiasm in the lake. Couples talked and walked. Moms positioned babies toward the lake and educated them about the wildlife. I simply ran and absorbed. I especially loved watching one baby girl point at the lake as her mother described the scene. It reminded me of Dori talking to Kathryn just a few years ago near the same spot.

The first mile wasn't easy. Lactic acid in my muscles is evident after my two-week stint as Duff Boy (couch and TV remote control not included, cape sold separately). I'm not used to soreness during or after runs. My energy level still isn't where it normally is. My throat is scratchy and dry, and my eyes are watery, like many folks around these parts as various blooms continue.

But I loved that I was running. The steep three-quarter mile Radnor Hill was challenging, but it felt great to scale it. It was 76 today, but not humid (45 percent) with a nice breeze. I finished the last mile at about a nine minute pace. After a good stretch, I arrived home to Dori's tasty pesto pasta with a fresh salad with walnuts, parm and red wine vinaigrette.

Fuel for the body. Good for the soul.

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