Saturday, March 28, 2009

Go Squish, Like Grape

I concluded this week's training last night with a 10.5-mile run. Add in a three miler the night before, and I've put 26 productive miles in the bag. Thursday's run was a short one with Pepper, who charged like a bull. He pulled me the first half, bonked, and then I pulled him home.

Dori and the kids had a function at their school last night, and I knew this weekend's weather looked dicey ... so I decided another Friday long run was in order. Last night, the humidity was very high and dewpoint was in the mid-50s, but the temperature was nice - 62 degrees. Good conditions, but not perfect like last Friday.

Near the midpoint, my left achilles began to stir up an argument. It became so uncomfortable, I stopped for a few minutes to stretch, which helped. Soreness in check, I tested my Mr. Miyagi medicine on some hills. All was well. Around nine miles, the soreness returned but not like before. I finished in 1:43:00, a few minutes slower than I would have liked. Must have been the achilles and traffic.

Earlier in the day, some folks struck up a conversation about Body Glide, a great workplace topic. Someone said using Body Glide seems weird. I chimed in, saying it's worse if you don't use it. Unfortunately, I didn't use enough on my chest last night. I didn't bloody up, but felt the familiar sting and produced a mildly yellow shirt.

Flashback time. Thanks to Ernie and Cookie Monster, we have some old era perspective on the recent Madoff scandal.

And now, some tunage. Goose bumps from Pink Floyd and hippie lettuce not included.

A related Dori favorite.

Lastly, a tribute to Mr. Miyagi, who taught us about grape squishing and waxing cars.

Now show me "wax car."

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Ann said...

Loved the Sesame Street video! Thanks for the giggle. :)