Friday, March 20, 2009

It Doesn't Get Any Better

Tonight was the night for a long run. I don't often train on Friday night, but the weather was incredible and Dori and the kids were mallin' it somewhere. 53 degrees, 27% humidity and 19% dewpoint ... I couldn't resist!

Traffic on the backroads was very light, except for a few speeders. Sheesh ... Doing 50 and 55 in a 30 MPH zone. A few blew threw stop signs at 30. But those were little distractions. I settled on a 9:00/mile pace around Mile 2, when I found a seriously super groove and settled into the Land of Little Thought.

I fueled at Mile 6, popping a Tri-Berry GU that I chased with Gatorade. My pace was smooth and constant until Mile 8. The last 2.5 was a gradual climb, and I felt it a little on the last mile. A half near my PR was possible tonight. The conditions and my body were on the same page.

I'm at 19 miles for the week, and I'm thinking of a short run with Pepper tomorrow. I'll ruminate on it tonight over a glass of viognier and some flashbacks.

Dori knows the words to this one ... which I heard today when I was getting a haircut. Bad video, good tune by Bob Welch with Valerie Bertinelli before she went Van Halen on everybody.

Here's more 70s. Forgive if we posted before.

Wanna see a rooster prance? Here's Mick and the Stones gettin' it on with "She's So Cold," followed by Jeff Spicoli paying homage to the band and then sparring with Mr. Hand.

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ChuckEastNashville said...

Thanks for posting "Ebony Eyes". Great song, cheesy video.

Congratulations on your Friday run. Friday is my usual day off from running. On the rare occasions I run on Friday, the roads and greenway are not as crowded.

Keep up the great training.