Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fly, Robin, Fly

I don't know what's in the water, but more people than usual have been asking how Dori is doing. It's always a joy to tell them she is doing great. Life is good, as the car sticker tells us.

Running is good, too. On Sunday, I ran a fluid seven miler at a reasonable pace. I was pleased to run strong after Friday's long run, a sign my conditioning is improving. The weather continues to be smashing, which isn't hurting matters.

Tonight, I ran a brisk 5.5 miles on a rolling course, finishing under 9:00/mile. The middle part of the run was under an 8:30/mile pace. I listened to some Alan Parsons Project, which is excellent running music. Y'all have heard me talk about the "accelerator" before; tonight, I had to be careful not to floor it. That's how good it felt.

I'm jazzed about an even longer run this weekend. Training often is more fun than racing, especially when you show up on race day feeling like a slug or if you're fighting a bug. Speaking of bugs, the air tonight was filled with critters. Invariably, one or two find their way down my airpipe each spring. It's not a part of my protein plan, trust me.

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