Sunday, March 22, 2009

Expanding Army

Thanks to Dori and several other activists, 360 healthy young Vanderbilt students are now registered with the National Marrow Donor Program. Most volunteers came from VU's Greek community, which Dori and others targeted. At least two blood cancer patients down the road will benefit from this effort, according to NMDP statistics.

A co-worker told me Friday about a male friend who will be donating for the second time to a patient who has relapsed. While Dori, the kids and I were shopping yesterday for furniture, we met this generous young man and his girlfriend. Dori had heard of him through other channels and recognized him in the store. In a world so large, it is amazing how small it really is.

Our friend and cancer survivor Chuck Hendry has exceeded his fundraising goal. Way to go, Chuck! He races next month in the Country Music Half Marathon.

I'm off for a training run. Have a great week, everybody.


GiftOfLife said...

Congratulations on the success of your fundraising efforts! It's always great to see people making a difference like this.

Another group you might be interested in reading about is Gift of Life. They're doing lots of traditional fundraising -- but they're also working on some groundbreaking new ideas that use social networking to inspire people to help others. You can view their site for more.

Jim said...

Thanks for sharing! How does Gift of Life differ from NMDP? Thanks.