Friday, March 13, 2009

FNF Time

Pepper and I had a great solitary three-miler early this morning. Later today, PJ e-mailed me and others that fellow runner and cyber-soul buddy Ronni is blogging again. Ronni G has some serious fight and reserve. Please keep her in your prayers.

All of this makes me and many others happy on a Friday, which means tunes of old are in order. Kathryn calls it that "hippy dippy" music. So be it.

Enjoy, beginning with one of my very favorites from The The, before Matt Johnson sold out to M&Ms. Wish I had a dollar for every time I sang this song.

I'm not into much jazz, but I can appreciate great percussion, piano and Snoopy. I suspect some of you may dig and groove, too.

Here's a no-embed, hidden 80s treasure from The Woodentops. Bear with the first 15 seconds and then enjoy silky smooth.

Lots of great Alan Parsons Project to pick, but here's one and another.

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