Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Need for Speed

With colder air in place and winds whipping, I ran a strong 5.5 miler at noon today on Belle Meade Boulevard. Time was 48 minutes, an 8:43/mile pace. For some folks, that's a slow jog. For me, that's a good pace for a moderate distance.

Today's performance was good for several reasons. Sunday is my first running day of the week, and I like starting well. I'm also glad to crank out a quick run after Friday's long run. This shows my recovery time is good, meaning my nutrition, sleep and health are in good order.

In church this morning, Dori saw the older gentleman who had a transplant last year. He didn't have his mask on, but is battling complications. Dori is really drawn to him.

I have two asides about church. I needed to hear what was said today. Catholic Mass can be wonderful in its simplicity, providing clarity or directing humans like me to better awareness of my shortcomings and how to fix them. That's the good part. The other part is some frustration. Warning: Buckle up! Turbulence ahead.

I'm tired of women being barred from the priesthood. Some of our so-called traditions don't make sense to me, and never will. But the church, like me, isn't perfect. It's run by humans subject to the same misjudgments I make. I stir uncomfortably when I consider the church passing over qualified African candidates for pope and sweeping molestation under the rug for decades. The church's blind eye in World War II to Nazi prosecution of French Jews is another high level of disgrace in history.

I invest and take away much from my time of reflection, celebration and prayer, and that's where I will continue to expend most of my spiritual energies. Life isn't perfect, the church isn't perfect, and I'm not going to make it perfect. The beautiful meaning of the liturgy and eucharist is wonderfully powerful, and I accept that. Nuff said.

I'll get back back on blog track ... Dori and some friends took part Friday in a drive to get more folks registered on the National Marrow Donor Program. She said some of our best friends were there, and I say, "Thank you!"

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