Saturday, April 11, 2009


I left the house around 7:30 this morning, heading into a chilly northwest breeze and misting rain. I was actually almost cold, even though it was 48 and overcast. But I don't think running conditions get better than this. No sun, a cooling mist and a refreshing breeze. That's ideal for a long distance run.

I didn't feel strong at the beginning, but through experience I know this doesn't mean much. It took about two miles to get completely loose. Around three, I found a rhythm. Runners and walkers were everywhere. Most were friendly, smiling and waving. A few of the serious, young folk, though, still don't acknowledge the slower, older crowd. Busy, busy, focus, focus.

Around 4.5, I passed two younger women who were on about my pace. They looked like they were doing their last long run before the Country Music Half in a few weeks. So I asked them. They said, yes, they were running 10, their last long run before their first half marathon. They were excited about today's run, which was cool to see. I told them what they already knew - that the last few miles in a half are mental. They asked me how far I was going ... I said 13 in preparation for a full this summer. We wished each other luck.

I cruised into downtown feeling great. Around Mile 6, nature started calling, so I ducked into the Union Station Hotel, where Dori and I had our rehearsal dinner nearly 15 years ago. Back on the road, I was lucky to regain a good rhythm, clicking off easy miles at a comfortable 9:30/mile pace. Around Mile 9, I started to feel a little stiff. I stopped at the Athlete's House water station to refuel and stretch briefly, then headed downwind for home.

Loosened up, I ran the next two miles with ease. The last 2.5 weren't too bad, either. I could have tacked on more, but I'm trying to stay as close to the 10% rule as possible. I feel great one hour after completing nearly 13.5 miles. That makes 31 for the week, a respectable sum in this training cycle. My left achilles also survived the run.

Not a bad way to start the weekend.

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Ronni Gordon said...

I loved the half that I did in Hartford, Conn. The training was easy because I didn't feel like I needed to do more than 10. Plus there were hardly any hills! I thought i could go further, but I never thought I had a marathon in me. Glad your training is going well. Sounds like a lovely run.