Wednesday, April 15, 2009


My friend Summer recently blogged about not depending on excuses to get up early and run. Believe me, I know the feeling. Occasionally, I still hit the alarm and cancel my plans. Most times, though, I get up.

Here's how I explain this to friends like Super Summer. First, I have made this routine what it is - a good habit. It's practically engrained now. Given my schedule in the winter and spring, my windows of opportunity are very narrow. If I don't get up early, I won't get in a run. It's a reality I accept, and heck, my mind and body are used to it. I often wake up before the alarm sounds.

Second, setting a goal (half marathon, marathon, stay healthy, whatever) is crucial. My next goal happens to be a marathon. Stay in bed, and the suffering or consequence I don't want will be worse later. Reality part deux.

The last two mornings, I awoke at 4:15 and 4:30. It takes me 15 minutes to lace up, stretch and hydrate, then it's off into the darkness. The serenity at this time of day is spectacular. The only noises are birds chirping, often loudly, the occasional dog barking or speeding vehicle, or a distant train or hum of the interstate - but it's the best time of day for stress-free running.

I ran two five milers the last two mornings and have a longer one planned tomorrow. Yes, I'm off to bed. 4:30 is always early, even if it's a routine.


PJ said...

Hi Jim,

What you say about routine is so true. I was sick with a nasty cold a month ago and fell out of my exercise routine. I'm now clawing my way back to it. It's tough.

Happy running.


Summer said...

Truth be told, I know Thunder would love nothing more than for me to lace up first thing in the morning for a run with him. Cole and I are running three evenings a week, and Thunder loves to join us, but maybe I'll see if I can talk him into a couple of morning jogs soon.

Dogs are good running partners! :-)

Laura Creekmore said...

I have NEVER been a morning person -- my body is SOOO happy to stay up til midnight, 1a or even later, and then catch my 8 hrs. But I have to say, last summer [right as I got pregnant] I had two friends talk me into meeting them at the gym every morning at 5 a.m. And I discovered that it was actually a really great routine, despite my personal issues with that time of day.

It gave me so much time in the a.m. to get organized and get my thoughts collected before facing the world, in addition to the great feeling you have when you start the day with your workout.

Becoming pg quickly interfered, but I'm so excited to get back in a regular routine this summer. We'll have to see what time fits in with the baby's schedule, as well as mine! LOL. I'm thinking perhaps a jogging stroller will be in order soon....