Sunday, April 26, 2009

Media Coverage of the Race

The Country Music Marathon was a hot one. A 26-year-old man collapsed and died tragically from cardiac arrest after finishing the half. The TV folks focused on this story, as you would expect, rather than balance it with coverage of some of the positive things that happened, including this photo gallery that captures the day's flavor. About three marathoners a year die in races around the country, a very low number, but the coverage tends to give the impression marathoning is dangerous. That's a big pile of horse hockey. Risk is everywhere, including sitting on your couch all day pounding Cheetos.

Many friends who ran yesterday posted slower times than normal. One gal I know who averages two hours for half marathons finished in 2:16. I went out at 5 yesterday, finishing up my week's running, and can attest it was very warm. In 86 degrees but very dry conditions, I ran six miles in 57 minutes, a 9:30/mile pace. I actually stopped at the halfway mark to stretch for a minute. My heart was pounding pretty good.

My body is sore from Thursday's speed work and yesterday's run. I need a break, but am going to get back at it in the morning.

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