Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Today's List

Best part of today's 7-miler: The end of it
Worst part: The pain in my left achilles
Miles this week through four days: 17.5
Best purchase: New pair of Brooks Dyads
Most honest moment: Sharing my anxiety with the sales staff of running 26.2 for the first time this June
Best sound on today's run: Listening to families cheer at a Little League Game
Worst smell: Mixture of fuel and grass clippings; the port-a-potty at the Little League Game (tie)
Best part of the day: Hearing Dori describe a good day
Fleeting moment of grrrrr: The carpet bombing of bird poop on my car in the shoe store parking lot
Random act of kindness: One person waving on my run; another neighbor stopping her car to say hello
Best blog entry: Ann's recap of her successful bone marrow biopsy

1 comment:

Summer said...

YAY for new Brooks!