Friday, April 10, 2009

One Inspirational Spud

I read a story in this morning's paper about Jim Asker, a lymphoma survivor. I've read lots of stories like this one, but it's a quote that hit me:

There were days when Asker couldn't walk to the mailbox. On good days, he would work his way to his deck to let the sunshine hit his face.

"It made me feel energized," Asker said. "I got the feeling like I should be running. I prayed that if I stayed alive, that I would continue running. It's such a gift."

Welcome back to racing, Jim.

We had some terrible storms in the area today. Lots of tornadoes and funnel clouds. That's not a fun way to spend the Easter Weekend and Passover.

Here's a better way ... Friday Night Flashbacks with my favorite artist, Mark Knopfler. And you thought he was just a Dire Straits rocker.

Off you go, dragonflys ... with Lenny.

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