Sunday, August 5, 2007

Bad run

This morning's run was embarrassing. I didn't sleep a lick last night and "woke up" at 3:55 a.m. to eat a bagel and banana. I was running on Belle Meade Blvd. by 4:50. Temp was 75 degrees and 75% humidity. It was soupy.

I saw a doe and her fawn the first half mile. Maybe 15 feet from each other, we exchanged looks in the dark. That was the highlight of the run. I struggled the first 2.75 miles, arriving at Harding Road in 25:40. I felt lethargic. When I got back to Percy Warner Park, I said, "That's it. This isn't working. Stop. Don't ruin your day or next week's training. Go home, go to church and refocus."

When I got home, I was angry.

"You quit."
"No, you didn't, you didn't sleep last night and this was one of the hottest mornings of the year. Take it easy, big boy."

I decided to administer some punishment. I headed down to my street and ran eight very hard 200-yard dashes.

"How dare you stop while your wife just went through chemo TWICE! Aren't you reading Lance Armstrong's book, weak boy?"

I almost threw up on the seventh sprint. I felt like a powder puff on No. 8. Good, I thought. You deserve to feel like that. I'm just glad I didn't go "Herb Brooks" on myself after the U.S. Hockey's Team's effort in Norway (only makes sense if you saw the movie, Miracle).

So I missed some goals this week. I didn't run 32 miles. I had a terrible long run. Part of me is still angry and frustrated. It's the first bad week I've had in awhile. There are positives. I ran the equivalent of a marathon this week. I ran three runs in extreme heat and humidity. I did two speed sessions. I am not injured. I've had a wake-up call. More work is needed.

Weekly training recap
Tuesday - 5.0 miles, 40:58, treadmill, cooldown mile
Wednesday - Speedwork, 4.0 miles total, 88 degrees and humid/high dew point, moderate terrain
Thursday - 4.65 miles, 43:10, 91 degrees and humid/high dew point, moderate terrain, cooldown mile
Friday - 5.0 miles, 46:08, treadmill
Sunday - 5.5 miles, 52:33, 75 degrees and 75% humidity, moderate terrain; 1.0 miles of 200-yard sprints

Total miles: 26 miles or thereabouts


Paige Clancy said...

Warning: Optimism ahead.

Congratulations are in order because you accomplished so much this week! You have worked very hard.

"Mind over matter" might be a great technique for pushing yourself to run faster or farther. But don't forget about listening to your body. It needs rest and will scream at you when it doesn't get enough.

Recharge your batteries, adjust your goals if needed and get back out there when your body is ready. Running is going to bring aches, pains, cramps and fatigue. It's inevitable. On the bright side: This disappointment came during training, not in the race.

Ultimately, what you experienced is just as valuable to your training as your sprints. You know more about your body now than you did a week ago, right?

You're doing great. Just keep visualizing a nice, healthy race.

Oh, and you asked about high-energy foods? I read that blog post right after indulging in a fast-food breakfast, which is a very rare meal for me. So I feel pretty unqualified to answer that question.

Anyway, I remember the PowerBar Gel being great during long runs. I liked vanilla. My best advice might actually be what not to eat: Don't try ANYTHING new on race day. I ate an Oreo (still not sure why the race organizers had them out next to bananas and bagels) just before I "hit the wall" in NYC, and it was a bad scene. Also, I recently ran what should have been a harmless 5K, and I decided to sample some new chocolate energy bar at a booth next to race registration. It did not sit well with me. Maybe it's time for me to realize that chocolate and running just don't mix.

Sorry for the long comment, but I had to chime in with some unsolicited optimism.


Jim said...

Front Paige,

Thanks for the encouraging note. This week will be better. Forward, not back. Jim