Saturday, August 4, 2007

Break day

I am doing absolutely nothing right now and absolutely loving it. I can't remember the last day where I had nothing planned. My Mom is taking Kathryn shopping this morning and Will is going to friend William Antony's house. What to do, what to do ... Ferris is going to enjoy his day off! I can hear Yello's "Oh, Yeah" playing in my mind on a loop.

I will see Dori around lunchtime, bearing something nutritious and delicious. The kids have seen Dori 30 times in 51 days, according to the 11th floor check-in book. I estimate I have averaged two visits a day averaging five hours total. Some days, I've been at VUMC as much as 10 hours, when my Mom has had the kids. I've spent the night three times. I haven't wanted to smother Dori, but rather be supportive. Today, I'll probably only be there a few hours.

Yesterday, I ran five methodical miles on the Y treadmill. Time: 46:08, or a 9:13 pace. I ran the last mile in 8:34 just to alleviate boredom. You know the run is easy when you are listening to The Dream Academy (that is one of the great sleeper bands of the 80s, along with Haircut 100). I almost didn't feel like I was running, except for some soreness. I had visions of lifting today, but that's just not going to happen. Today, I will devour carbs, piddle around the house and watch baseball.

Speaking of sore, I am still quite achy from Wednesday's speed work, though feeling better than yesterday. My arches and some tendons in my legs took a pounding on St. B's track. It's not a great track for that type of running (gravel, uneven in spots), but I had no options that day with my schedule.

I'm aiming for 12 miles tomorrow morning but am not putting any times goals out there. The heat, dew point ( and humidity are stifling. As a big boy, I have found through trial and error that I need more gels for energy than the average person. I have found two GU gel flavors that I don't find revolting - strawberry banana and orange burst - that I'll be using. Four should do the trick (right before and miles 4, 7 and 10), along with some recovery food I'll experiment with tomorrow. Knock on wood, I have not been experiencing soreness or pain after long runs of late.

I'm interested to hear what fellow runners and workout-aholics are eating for energy. Some of my favorites include staples like bananas, prunes, raisins (with granola and yogurt or just as a snack), apples, wheat bread, organic peanut butter, grilled chicken, gatorade, a variety of nuts, and a new one, wasabi peas (yum). What are you all eating for fuel? Lena? Paige? Michael? Meredith? Ann D.? Donna? Chime in, folks.



Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,
I think you've got some great ideas about energy foods - I always go for more proteins - lean proteins - especially the night before a big run (salmon or swordfish, etc..)
The morning of a big race (marathon or triathalon) I will always have a cliff bar (cookies and cream flavor). I avoid gels as much as possible - I just don't like that oversweet taste.
On early morning long runs, I have been known to take an apple to enjoy during the first mile or two. Probably something that the most elite runners would disapprove of... but it's never bothered me and gave me a good boast of energy.
On long runs - I will drop a gatorade at the half or 3/4 point and drink it on the way home. (sometimes - on hot days I will freeze it the night before and by the time I reach it - it's a nice slushy consistency)
I do enjoy lots of peanut butter and nuts and granola just like you. And then there's that sonic powerade slushy!
I think you are doing all the right things- and I know you'll do great in the VB race! Have fun!
Donna Clements

Jim said...


I do the same thing with Gatorade (drop offs on long runs). I always drink 20 oz. before the run and then carry one in hand for the first 5-6 miles. I will try the freeze thing - I like that idea!

I wish I liked fish. Like to catch um, just not eat um.


Anonymous said...


Sorry about the tough run this morning. Every champion goes thru this, and you responded like the true champion that you are.

Interval work is the best thing for you for many reasons: it's hard & it's incredibly benefical.