Tuesday, August 14, 2007

If you like good news ...

... then this blog post is for you.

First, Chuck Hendry, who also has AML and bonded with Dori while at Vanderbilt Hospital, is now home! Chuck is a great guy, also with a young family like us. We're very happy for him.

Check out all the good things that happened today. First, Dori went to Radnor Lake for a walk/run again, her fifth visit since Friday. She feels terrific (she updated CaringBridge tonight, so check it out).

While I was at work, I spoke to our Virginia lobbyist, Julia Ciarlo Hammond. She's new to NFIB, and I like her a lot. She and her sister, Christine Ciarlo, select a charity every year to support. Before Julia even knew me, the sisters selected the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (y'all remember I don't believe in coincidences). Julia received her fundraising packet from Christine the same day I sent the news about Dori to my co-workers. Julia told me today that Christine, who I don't even know, is running a marathon in Maine in October, and has selected Dori as her honoree. The Ciarlo sisters have already raised $8,000, so the group effort now has us well above $21,000 for LLS.

I've been back at work two days now, and work is going well. I got my bearings a little better today. At lunch, I went to the Donelson YMCA for the first time since mid-June and saw Suzanne, a staff member who has helped me train and get my BMI lower. Well, she was in shock when I told her about Dori and really empathized. Midway through my workout on an eliptical machine, she comes to tell me the Donelson Y plans to hold a fundraising car wash for LLS in honor of Dori, probably Sept. 29. There are angels all around us, folks. Do you think God was speaking to me today?

I forgot to tell you all that last week, when Dori was worrying about a possible transplant, I reminded her about some helpful scripture (Jeremiah 29:11) friend John Marcheschi shared with us. Dori nodded I'm hearing you. A few minutes later, she turns on the TV and this man on Channel 15 starts quoting the SAME SCRIPTURE. Yes, Lord, we will open our ears.

More good news ... family members and friends of Dori and a lymphoma patient, Candy Rucker, who we heard about through good friend Marian Kohl, are organizing a blood and bone marrow donor drive. I'm helping with press and working to loop in the blood collection agency and VUMC and the Ingram Cancer Center. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, August 28, from 8 a.m to 5 p.m. More than 55 are already on the list, which is a great start. Details to follow, so stay tuned! You can help save a life!

I haven't run this week, not because I don't want to. My left calf is bothering me after Saturday's 11-miler. So I lifted and did stomach work last night and did 40 minutes hard on the eliptical today, burning 900 calories and climbing 2.1 miles. It felt good. I will not run until I feel 100% because I've rushed back before with a calf strain, which is not a good idea. I'm stretching, hydrating, carbing up and giving massages to the affected area. I hope to be full speed very soon.


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