Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Less than four days until race

A lot of good has happened this week.

The biggest news is Dori has two perfect matches for a probable transplant, and they're both young women. It was tough learning Dori's sister, Kathy, was not a match. I know she would have loved to have been the one. But after that bummer, we learned about the perfect matches. Positive and even keeled, even when you get bad news, helps a lot.

Tuesday's Bone Marrow Donor Drive was a rousing success. More than 100 new folks are now on the Registry. Thanks to everyone who participated! Dori and I believe one day we're going to learn a friend who registered yesterday - like Marian Kohl, Michelle Cochran, Lucile Houseworth, Courtney Stevens, Maria Caldwell, Denise Shaw, Claire Eckl or one of those great SBA moms - will give someone they don't know the gift of life. I know I left out some folks (I wasn't there all day), but all of you are angels, like Dori says. If you still want to get on the Registry and potentially save a life, click the link to the left and order a swab kit. The process is easy and you'll be doing a very good deed.

By the way, yours truly was on Fox 17 talking about the drive. The kids thought it was neat to hear their Mom's name on the news and their Dad doing one of those "soundbites." Also, the photo I posted is of Janet Rosenberg from the Legal Aid Society, which hosted the all-day event in their offices. Janet organized the event exceptionally well. As we say in the Navy, "Bravo Zulu, Janet!"

Please continue to keep Candy Rucker in your prayers. She still does not have a match that is healthy. How small is the world? VERY. I learned yesterday that her Dad, Raleigh, and I worked together at The City Paper 6-7 years ago. I knew he had some daughters, but I didn't know their names. I met her family Tuesday, and enjoyed talking with them.

Every gift is precious, and many of our friends and family (I estimate 150 so far) have given to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. My fellow NFIB employees have really stepped up over the last week, boosting the overall effort nicely. Thank you Sharonda Hampton and all who helped with this. The recent contributions have lifted my personal efforts (online and offline) to nearly $20,000. Combined with Julia Ciarlo Hammond, her sister, and Dori's friend Becky Reese, we're approaching $30,000 raised for LLS. Not bad. Dori thought I was loopy in June to put down $50,000 as a goal. When all is said and done, I think we'll have an effort of which to be very proud, thanks to the incredible generosity of so many. Dori has really appreciated it. So many more will.

Oh, yes. The leg. My left calf is stiff, despite lots of stretching. I ran 5 miles Monday at race pace (8:45), which went well. Today, I went to the Y for my last run before Virginia Beach. I was cruising for two miles, when I felt stiffness again. I stopped, called "Mr. Miyagi" (neuromuscular therapist Keith McCord) and scheduled an appointment for Friday afternoon. I'm understandably concerned and was actually a little down this afternoon, but I will do everything I can to run this race. If the left calf loosens up, I will set a PR. Conditions look like they will be good Sunday ... a mild cold front is heading for the Eastern Seaboard.

Positive and even keeled helps a lot. Thank God for the gift of life we have every day and the next life we are preparing to enjoy.



Summer said...

All the best this weekend, Jim. We'll be thinking about y'all and sending good vibes your way!!!

lcreekmo said...

Best of luck this weekend. No matter how the leg turns out, I know the force will be with you! :)