Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'll take it

This morning, I ran 11 miles in 1:44:00, or a 9:27 pace. Though the plan was to go 13.1, I'm not disappointed in the training run.

Ann and I set out, reaching the 2.75 turnaround on Belle Meade Blvd. in 24:30, or an 8:54 pace. I felt fine. When we got back to Percy Warner Park at 49:30, exactly a 9:00 pace, I refueled and told Ann I needed to drop the pace. The temp when we started was 72 degrees, with humidity at 60% and that creepy dew point at 66 degrees. It really zaps you the longer you go. I was a mass of sweat, just sucking down gatorade and GU to stay energized.

We made the 8.25 turnaround in 1:16:30. We were now at a 9:16 pace and I was fading. Ann assumed the lead now, and I could not keep up with her. She stopped at 10 miles, and said, "I think we need to do 11." No arguments here, especially after my left calf started feeling tight, like a cramp was coming on, at 10.5 miles.

When we finished, it was 78 degrees and several degrees higher wherever the sun was shining. I'm certainly not down after this run, nor am I up. For one, the total climb on this run is 452 feet, while elevation change is 924 feet. Virginia Beach will be flat. Also, the conditions right now aren't easy. Virginia Beach is normally warm, but I don't expect things will be much worse than they are now. Also, I expect adrenaline will fuel me home pretty good Sept. 2. I also didn't see anyone else on the boulevard running personal bests this morning. I saw lots of slow pacing, except for one skinny dude.

This week, I ran 34.5 miles, an all-time best. I have never run that far, even in the cooler weather I prefer. I promised Will I would run with him tomorrow, so I will exceed 35 miles. I have one more week of hard training, then I will taper. BTW, the PowerGel protein/carb recovery shakes are awesome. I had the Creamy Chocolate this morning. Tasty. If I get near a Sonic, I'm going to hammer the Powerade slushee that Donna Clements also enjoys.

I'm going back to work Monday. For how long, I'm not sure but it looks like at least a few weeks. Dori has another biopsy Thursday, the day the kids start school, and we have a consultation with Dr. Greer. We're reading up on bone marrow transplants, which may be in the mix. If we go that route, this process will be long and drawn out. I don't care how long it takes ... I just want Dori cured and enjoying the wonderful life she has.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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