Saturday, August 18, 2007

Training update

I've been concerned about my left calf muscle being tight, so I've been staying away from the running ... until yesterday.

Last night at the Y, I ran 1.75 easy miles to test the leg. The run felt effortless, but the muscle was still stiff. I decided to stop running and do 40 good minutes on the Cybex eliptical cross-trainer. That machine is excellent ... it's low impact and works the body.

Today, I went to the Y to run a little farther. I used some Icy Hot on my calves and stretched beforehand, then ran 5.0 miles at my race pace, 8.45/mi. The great news ... I felt like I was walking. My HR was only at 145, so I hope the machine pace is correct. The calf muscle is still a little stiff. I would like to get in one more long run - between 8 and 10 - before the race, which is 15 days away. The closer we get to race time, the less we runners train.

Eating is so important right now, and I've been a very good boy, Johnny, as Men at Work might say. I've been eating a wide variety of fruit, whole grains, granola and oats, and the other foods I recently mentioned. I've had one beer this week and ice cream once the last month or so; those of you that know me well probably think that's a misprint. I look at all the treats in the house and imagine they are foods I do not like - calamari, scrambled eggs, goat cheese, etc. The good people who have been making meals have brought us healthy, tasty food, which is much appreciated for many reasons. Most importantly, Dori must eat well through this stretch. Thanks to our friends, she is.

I thought you might enjoy a post from friend, Rex Hammock, and comment from Paige Clancy about CaringBridge and Dori. Read more here. Rex not only is a great guy, but he's also one of the original Nashville bloggers (and a good one). I work with his Hammock Publishing team, and think a lot of them - Summer, Laura, Lena, all of them. Paige "The Stalker" and I worked together at The City Paper 5-6 years ago ... she also has a cool neighborhood-focused blog here. They are very good writers.

The first week back at work went well. I talked to Dori often, but not for long periods of time. I actually got some things done at work, and was welcomed back in a special way by NFIB-ers. You heard about Julia Ciarlo Hammond's effort with her sister, Christine. Well, several others pitched in to donate a healthy sum to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Some other efforts for Dori and LLS may also be underway at NFIB.

One last note: Janet Rosenberg at the Legal Aid Society - where we're having the downtown blood and bone marrow donor drive Tuesday, Aug, 28 - tells me 75 people have already signed up! Middle Tennesseans can register by calling Janet at 780-7130. One note to blood donor participants: You will be eligible for a raffle for a restored '67 Mustang from Blood Assurance, which is managing the drive.



Donna Clements said...

First of all, let me say how excited we are that Dori is home. Give her our love - we're so very happy. We're bringing by a dinner in a couple of weeks... I think Runcie mentioned something about Jack in the Box and some tacos and eggrolls....

Sounds like your training is going great. One of my friends (who was nursing an injury) froze water in little dixie cups - and then held the cup and massaged it over the affected area. I have done this from time to time. I have also taken several Advil before a run to reduce pain before it even starts.
Also - speaking of blogs - I meant to tell you that we had a family blog for our Clark Grizzwaldesque vacation in July and August. Feel free to check it out (we drove thru Cincinatti - and Runcie remembered that Dori was from there).
Take care,

Jim said...


Love your blog! You all did a great job with it and captured some sweet memories for Runcie, Elizabeth and Gigi, who looks good in chocolate.

I've got some acetemenophine I'll be using before the race. I will ice my calf tonight ... good advice!