Thursday, August 16, 2007


Long day, so I'll be brief.

Kathryn and Will went back to school today. From all accounts, it went well. I can tell 4th grade is going to be a lot different for Kathryn than 2nd and 3rd. It was for me ... I started thinking about girls, not just sports. In Will's 2nd grade class, the kids drew a picture that captured their summer and then they talked briefly about it. Will drew a picture of a tall hospital and said his Mom was there for 54 days. He said she walks two miles a day and has no hair. The staff and parents I saw at St. Bernard Academy this morning were wonderful, by the way.

Please read today's CaringBridge post (link on left) about the latest on Dori. We have a lot to discuss this weekend. Please also note the news release we posted about an upcoming Bone Marrow Donor Drive on Tuesday, August 28. Hopefully, you can help get on the National Registry through this effort, as well as tell folks about the opportunity.

I'm not back to running yet. I did another 40 minutes yesterday on the eliptical at the sweltering Green Hills Y; today, we were at VUMC much of the day, so no workout. I may run again this weekend, if I'm 100%. The calf is feeling about 85-95%, depending on the hour.

I'm so glad the kids are back in school. Welcome back, routine.


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