Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mr. Miyagi to the rescue

"You have dense calves."

That's what Keith McCord, the neuromuscular therapist, told me this morning. Now that wasn't quite as blunt as a letter with results from a physical I did four years ago, which began, "You are obese." My BMI has gone from 30 to just over 20 since that embarrassing letter.

Back to the leg, Keith said he noticed significant tension in the left calf and some tension in the right. We talked about my stretch routine, and he showed me two other stretches he wants me to do at least twice a day. Since there is no inflammation or injury, he recommended I apply heat, as well, during the day and before the race. No more ice and elevation for this boy.

The deep tissue massage is an odd experience. When it was over, I felt drunk. Parts of it are soothing, parts painful. When Keith got to a pressure spot, which I identified by breathing harder or saying "6" or "7" on the Richter Pain Scale, he stopped and worked it to get the blood moving around. Please don't read that sentence again on its own. Anyway, short term pain, long term gain. I couldn't help but think of Mr Miyagi from "Karate Kid" slapping his hands together and healing Daniel with his magic. Lo and behold, that movie was on cable today. The kids and I watched it (they loved it).

Keith said to take it easy this weekend, but a Wednesday run would be a good test. I'll hit the Arc Trainer Monday, and run 3-4 miles Wednesday. Hopefully, that will go well, and I can go into Sunday's race with full confidence. Maybe I'll load "I Have Confidence" by Julie Andrews and "Feelin' Stronger" by Chicago in the iPod.


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Paige Clancy said...


Also, "You're the Best Around" is a hilarious, yet inspiring, song from the Karate Kid soundtrack. It's been our (joke) theme song this summer since my brother turned us on to it. [If you see him in the Green Hills Y, ask to listen to his iPod - odds are pretty good that that tune is on.] For fun, Google the song's lyrics. They make no sense!

Glad to hear you can get out there next week. Here's to good health for everyone.