Sunday, August 19, 2007

Leg trouble

Our family has been praying for Chuck Hendry, whose AML is in remission, and Father Pat Kibby from Cathedral of the Incarnation, our church. Chuck checked back in the hospital Friday, after losing an astounding 20 pounds in three days. His story is being chronicled on under "chuckhendry." Father Kibby is having heart valve surgery on Tuesday. He has been good to Dori and our family. Please keep both men in your prayers this week.

My calf muscle is not in good shape right now. After yesterday's run, I felt I had made some progress. Today at the Y, after one mile, I felt the familiar pain in my left calf that sidelined me from the Tom King Half Marathon in March. I used to get this injury when I played softball and was 25 pounds heavier. I felt soreness after last week's 11-miler and stayed off it this past week.

It's frustrating because I feel great aerobically right now, but now I am dealing with this sideliner. The calf strain is probably at Stage 1 of three possible stages, from what I am reading. I have microtears in the muscle that could worsen if I run more. For recovery, I am supposed to elevate the leg above my heart as often as possible, ice it four times a day over the next three days, stretch, compress and rest. I slept with the leg elevated last night and will do so for the next two weeks. I will not run until Sept. 2, but I have no other choice. These injuries require one to four weeks for recovery, from what I have read. I am so determined to run and will bum if I cannot complete the VB Half. I want to do well for Dori and I've never trained harder for anything.

If anyone has a panacea or an incredible doctor to refer, please share. Money isn't an object.


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