Thursday, August 23, 2007

'You're going to race.'

Never believe what you read on the Internet.

That elliptical machine I've been working out on at the Y isn't an elliptical machine. It's an Arc Trainer from Cybex. I also misspelled "elliptical" for about a week. Nice. I did 45 minutes today to keep the HR elevated before raceday.

So I went to Vanderbilt Sports Medicine Clinic for a look-see at my calf strain and some professional advice. Dr. Gene Hannah had me do some stepping, then they took some x-rays. "This looks good," Dr. Hannah, reviewing the pictures with me. "You're going to race."

He recommended I get some thin heel pads, which I immediately bought. He said I might even put these in my racing shorts in case of a flare-up on raceday. He also said I would benefit from a massage, and after the race, some detailed exercises to ensure the problem doesn't recur. He recommended no running until raceday, just low impact stuff to keep the heart strong. He gave a few other tips, and off I went, a very happy camper. I'm getting the deep tissue massage on Saturday.

Dori, as you probably know, is midway through Day 1 of chemo. She'll get two doses of chemo on Days 3 and 5. She's feeling good, but won't be, most likely, in a day or so. She posted other information and updates of our friends with health challenges at CaringBridge.

Oh, yes. The total amount raised for LLS by me, Becky Reese and the Ciarlo sisters is almost at $25,000. I think our friends and family have contributed just short of $15,000 so far. It's hard to track since some are mailing in. Thanks to those of you who have informed me about the corporate matches. I enjoy telling Dori and our support group how much WE have raised for this cause to conquer leukemia and lymphoma and support her.

You all are appreciated very, very much. I am grateful for the support.


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lcreekmo said...

Woohoo!!! Great news on the leg.