Wednesday, July 18, 2007


That's the number to get on the national marrow donor list.

Since many of our friends have asked about helping Dori, we thought we'd make sure you know about the National Marrow Donor Program. I've added a link to NMDP's site, as well.

I have been amazed to hear that several of our friends are already on this list. It would be great for more of you to join. Sometimes, finding a genetic match for people can be challenging. The more who are on the list, the more likely more lives will be saved.

1-800-MARROW2. You can also ask for a kit online or find a donor center near you, if you prefer. The cost is between $52 and $96 and it's tax deductible. Please consider getting on the list, and please spread the word. If you get on NMDP's list, let us know - Dori and I enjoy hearing how our friends are helping.

Dori woke up feeling nauseous this morning. A few drugs have knocked that out. Chemo is a weird bird. One minute, you feel functional; the next, no way. Two more days until a reprieve.



Anonymous said...

Thought I would let you know that I am in the National Marrow Donor Program database and have been for about a dozen years. I have been impressed with how they keep track of me and regularly ask if I am still willing/able to donate. Of course, I am. Just give me the word and I'll walk over to Vanderbilt and join your winning team.

I am praying for you and Dori with Nora and Isabella every night. Surely the prayers of children--so fresh from God themselves--will mean something, even if those of an old sinner do not.

Separately, I am impressed with all your training and your times. I used to run, now I jog or lope. Run, Jim, run!
--Meredith Libbey

Jim said...


I'm not surprised to hear you are on another list to help folks! You are a bright star in Nashville and in our lives.

Please tell sweet Isabella and Nora we love them, and we love you, too.