Sunday, July 1, 2007

The week's running in review

Thanks to my sister, Anne, who watched the kids for a spell at the YMCA pool, I snuck in one final run this week.

It was a very good one. I ran a 21:24 5K, which is a 6:54 pace. The last half of the run was at a 6:30 pace. My heart rate was 158 at the end, 135 one minute after, and 108 three minutes after. So I had a little more in me, but I felt like not much more at the end.

The run was on a treadmill, so it gets an asterisk. That said, according to, I could do a 1:38:55 half marathon if properly trained and under ideal conditions. I will get a true test and picture of my fitness under tougher conditions on Wednesday - I plan to run the 5K Firecracker Run at Maryland Farms.

So why are my times plummeting? Probably a combination of things. I am training harder and smarter. Listening to the Donelson Y ladies was smart. I reached a certain level under my own program, but if I wanted to get better I needed a new plan. That plan is working.

My attitude is better, too. I've decided 80% and 90% won't get it done. When pain arrives, I welcome it now rather than curse it. I simply owe it to myself and Dori to bring 100% every day to training. If Dori can get on a bike twice a day during chemo, I can make it hurt on the weight machines and in the hills on a hot day.

Lastly, I have a goal to have a great race after three mediocre half marathons. I'm proud to have finished those races, but been there done that. This race is now for Dori and all those battling leukemia and who will battle leukemia.

Here's the week in review. Pray for good news on Tuesday for Dori. You are appreciated!

Monday: 5.6 miles, 51:00, 9:17 pace, 71 degrees and 85% humidity, moderate terrain
Wednesday: Strength and conditioning
Thursday: 10.0 miles, 1:29:59, 8:59 pace, treadmill
Saturday: 5.62 miles, 45:10, 8:02 pace, treadmill (also four 1/4 miles at 1:37 pace)
Sunday: 3.1 miles, 21:24, 6:54 pace, treadmill

Total: 24.3 miles

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